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Do You Need New Carpet?

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There comes a time for every homeowner where you have to decide if you need new carpet or not or if you can care for and keep your current carpet. This is not an easy decision because new carpet is very expensive but you don’t want to live with carpet that does not look good anymore. After all, your carpet is in almost every room of your home.

Here are some things to consider to help you decide if you need new carpet:

How old is the carpet? If you have had the carpet in your home for more than 10 years, it is more likely it is time to purchase and install new carpet. The consensus from most carpet manufacturers is that a carpet should last about 10 years. After that, you will start to see irreversible signs of wear on the carpet.

You can extend the lifetime of your carpet if you schedule professional carpet cleaning every year. The professionals at recommend you schedule services every 6-12 months for the best results and the best chance of maintaining the quality of your carpet for as long as possible.

You can also delay the deterioration of carpet if you use rug runners and area rugs to reduce some of the traffic directly on the carpet. Place the rugs in front of furniture or in traffic paths. You should also rearrange the furniture in carpeted rooms. This will create new traffic paths and reduce the wear from traffic in some spots of the room.

Another sign you might need new carpet is if you see bubbling or ripples and hills appearing in the middle of wall-to-wall carpet. Sometimes bubbles appear immediately after installation. This is an indication of improper installation. But if the bubbles appear several years after the carpet was installed, it indicates that the carpet pad beneath the carpet is wearing down. You cannot restore a carpet pad. You need to replace it along with the carpet.

Manufacturers recommend purchasing a high-quality pad when you purchase new carpet. The pad is one the main reasons carpet wears down too fast. A good carpet pad can repel stains and odors and help retain the resiliency of the carpet above.

The last thing to consider is stains on the surface of the carpet. Professional cleaning companies can remove newer stains and most common liquids from carpet but the longer a stain is on a carpet the harder it becomes to remove.

If you have old stains that have been on your carpet for years, it is relatively unlikely that a professional will be able to remove them entirely. If old, unsightly stains are everywhere on your carpet, you will want to consider purchasing some new carpet for a fresh new look.

Homeowners that live with pets and children will want to factor this into their decision. Even if you feel you need new carpet, you might want to hold off until your dog is housetrained or until your children are older and more responsible. It would be disappointing to install new carpet and then have a dog or child have an accident on it soon after. Pet urine stains in particular are extremely bad for carpet.

You should take your time making this decision. New carpet is a big investment for homeowners. We recommend calling a professional carpet cleaner to assess your carpet first. They will let you know if the stains can be removed or if the wear is irreversible or not. If the company can remove the stains or renew the look of the carpet, you will save yourself thousands of dollars in the process.