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Pressure Wash a Brick Home

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If you own a brick house then you must be searching for the suitable methods to wash it. These bricks start losing shine with time so it is really important to make efforts to improve their look.

One of the easiest tricks to improve the exterior appearance of your house is to use a pressure wash. Below are few steps to complete the pressure wash cleaning.

Step 1: Patch Mortar

The very first task that you need to do is patch all the damaged mortar joint present between bricks. These patches will help you to prevent water seeping inside through bricks. Note that, these patches must be added at least one week before the pressure wash so that the mortar can find enough time to sit perfectly. This step is really important to maintain the integrity of the whole structure.

Step 2: Wet the Surface

It is necessary to soak the home surfaces properly and it must be done prior to detergent based cleaning because this process help bricks to get ready for cleaning. In order to ensure proper soaking of the whole surface, always prefer to spray water from bottom portion to the top of the house. This motion will help the surface to soak evenly without running down in undesired form.

Step 3: Detergent Wash

Pick a detergent that is specially designed for brick and homes. Note that, wrong selection of detergent can lead to dirt sticking on mortars. The detergent spray motion is also recommended to be from bottom to top. Now, this detergent must be left on bricks for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

The formula for best washing results is to use less pressure with more detergent. The reason behind this is that mortar and bricks use to be porous in nature so they will soak the water as well as detergent. When you apply enough detergent and water to the surface than it finds a way even to the unreachable corners so that the surface may become brighter and cleaner.

Step 4: Use Brush on Tough Stains

If you find extremely stained and dirty brick on the surface then the best idea is to use a rotary scrub brush for deep cleaning. This technique is considered to be less abrasive as compared to the high-pressure cleaning. Brushing will help detergent to clean bricks more effectively and soon it can break the tough stains too. The stains caused by grass, grease etc are usually difficult to remove but scrubbing may help to loosen them.

Step 5: Rinse Gently

When the applied detergent has settled on the surface then you need to switch to the spray pattern. It is really important to follow standard method because too high pressure may cause huge damage to bricks. This time you need to follow top to the bottom motion to remove the residue and detergent gently.

Step 6: Finally, Apply Sealant

When the bricks are clean and become dry then next task is to apply a good quality mortar and brick sealant that can ensure the clean appearance of the surface for the long run. This sealant also helps to keep wall surfaces safe from oil, grease, acids and other harmful substance penetrations.